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Betreutes Wohnen Blumenhof

Domizil am Seewäldchen

Domizil an der maritimen Meile

Betreutes Wohnen im Grünen
Waltersdorfer Chaussee 162
12355 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 60 10 93 72

Betreutes Wohnen am Markt
Bölschestraße 113
12587 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 65 47 51 74

Carefree accommodation

Would you like to live in a new home, with all the amenities you are used to, but also with more security and safety? Particularly when you get older, being in touch with your neighbors and the opportunity to meet people, available helping hands in everyday life, well-kept surroundings and short distances are getting more and more important.

Senior-friendly accommodation can significantly contribute to delaying or preventing a relocation to a nursing home. Our assistance program helps our residents to maintain their skills in everyday life, and to mitigate or reduce a temporary or constant loss of these skills. Our concept aims for long-term, independent living, suited to the needs of the elderly. 'Your wish is our concern' - this is what we stand for. You can choose from a great variety of outpatient and social services so that you receive exactly the support you need.

RENAFAN offers assisted living facilities at five locations in Germany. We provide independent living options suited to the needs of the elderly.